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Come and join the team of enthusiasts at TheSkinnyBoy. If you want to contribute to our website, just sent us an article related to our niche and we will be happy to publish that after some editing.

We Have Following Guidelines For Submission:

1) The content must be in well-written English.
2) Mail us your content at theskinnyboydigital@gmail.com for review, and once your content is approved, we’ll send back you the respective link.
3) Content Must be Unique means must not be copied from any other site. However, you can take reference of the facts published on other websites and present it in your style.
4) Any images used in your posts must be original or those from the public domain. Otherwise, don’t forget to give due credit to the source.
5) Authors are expected to follow copyright laws (No stealing of other’s articles or other works).
6) Once an article is posted to the TheSkinnyBoy it becomes the property of TheSkinnyBoy.
7) Content must not be published anywhere else before.