Are you looking for the list of high PR profile creation sites but have you ever wondered that you have already created your profile on so many websites and never realized that it can strengthen SEO of your blog?

Yes, profile creation is a simplest and one of the most legit way of improving your SEO, so in this article, I am going to give you 400 plus profile creation sites list.


Angela and Paul Backlink Style

This technique of getting backlinks from user profile is also called Angela and Paul link building technique. These are two different people but the methodology they used were pretty similar, so now these two entities got merged together and people started calling it “Angela and Paul Style Backlink technique”.

There was a time when this time was pretty effective and gave extremely good results to blog and business owners. But as it usually happens, the technique got abused by spammers and now it is not that effective.

But this technique is still worth giving some time as we anyways make our user profiles on many websites, so why not create it properly and enjoy some SEO benefits as well.

Right Method of Creating Profile on Profile Creation Sites

First, let me make it very clear that there is no such site which is made only for profile creation purpose. It is a natural process, for example when you create your profile on a social media website, you can also mention your blog’s name and link there, which is nothing but a valuable backlink and it comes naturally.

But how Google identifies whether the links if natural or created just for SEO purpose? The answer is pretty simple if you make your profile on any website, you use that website for some activity, e.g If you create your profile on Facebook, the objective is social networking, you connect with your friends, post something on your wall and like others posts.

So, if you just create your profile on too many profile creation websites and hardly visit those sites again and do any activity, it might get considered spammy.

So, following are the thumb rules before you dive in and start building profiles on countless sites,

  1. Make your profile on quality websites only. In SEO, quality is always better than quantity.
  2. Use those websites for what they are made for
  3. Visit those websites again and again and keep contributing or keep doing some activities
  4. Don’t worry if the backlink it provides is do-follow or no-follow, just go for it.
  5. If you have a team, encourage your team members as well to make their profiles on relevant websites and contribute. E.g If you have a graphics designer in your team, it will be great if he can create his profile on Dribble, Behance and Linkedin and share his work on these sites.

Correct Method of Creating Profile

So, when you create your profile on any website, fill it properly. You might need to keep the following information handy before you create your profile,

  1. Upload your avatar or profile picture and make it relevant according to the website. E.g on Linkedin you will prefer to upload a profile picture which looks professional however on Facebook you can have a profile picture which your friends would like to see.
  2. Fill “About Me” section properly, make it relevant and comprehensive.
  3. Fill your date of birth, gender, and location.
  4. Mention your interests, hobbies, and area of expertise
  5. Make profile using relevant and genuine email ID on which people can contact you and you can also get relevant updates from the site.
  6. Add links to your social profiles. E.g Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  7. Finally, don’t forget to add the link to your blog (or website)

Benefits of Profile Creation

There are several benefits of creating a proper user profile on profile creation sites. Following are few of them,

  • If you create your profile on many sites and actively participate, it improves your brand awareness and trustworthiness.
  • It adds to a variety of backlinks to your website. If you have already exhausted the backlinks by generating content and social bookmarking etc., you can also go for profile creation. Google likes the variety of backlinks and having a variety of backlinks boosts your domain authority.
  • You get more traffic from your social handles, which overall increase your search worthiness and interns increase quality leads.

Profile Creation Sites List – Primary

Finally, here is the list of carefully chosen websites where I will strongly recommend you to create your profile and participate actively.

Profile Creation Sites - Primary List

Profile Creation Sites List – Secondary

Here is the list of 250 more websites. If you have a patience for creating a profile on so many websites, please go ahead with this list as well.

Profile Creation Sites - Secondary List

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So to conclude, I will finally say that create a profile on profile creation websites only if you want to contribute and create it properly. It can not only improve your website’s SEO but also improve your personal brand value by establishing your authority in a particular nice.  Do share if you know any more websites where one can make a profile, I assure you that I will try to add that site to this list.