Guest Blogging

Looking for the guest blogging sites? It means you are a pro blogger and you must already be familiar with the term Guest Blogging. It is a process of creating the publishing content on someone else’s blog.

When you do guest blogging, it provides you with an opportunity to expose your subject matter expertise to the audience of other blog and establish your authority in the subject. It is a win-win situation for both the parties as it generates traffic to both of the blogs.

As you start doing guest blogging on other’s websites, it also expands your network and thrown an opportunity to link with other bloggers and experts in the same niche as you are; which can be quite beneficial in the future.

A general protocol to be followed in guest blogging is that when you are guest blogging on other websites, you should also invite other bloggers to write and publish their content on your blog.

It not only strengthens the relationship but also helps your blog tremendously. It provides a fresh perspective to your audiences who might have got bored of going through same writing style and the same pool of thoughts. So, it will keep them engaged and be coming back again and again to your blog for more.

So, how to start guest blogging:

Decide Your Objective

So, first decide your objective of guest blogging; It might be one or all of the following,

  • Exposing yourself to the new audiences
  • Getting more exposure in the industry and establish your thought leadership
  • Building relationships with the experts in your industry
  • Generating more traffic to your own blog
  • Getting a backlink to your blog

So, before you jump into the guest blogging, you should be very clear about that what exactly you want to achieve from it.

Preparation for Guest Blogging

Once you have decided that you want to do guest blogging, you need to prepare yourself for the same.

  • You first need to prepare a solid profile with a thumbnail image and a couple of lines about yourself. This is what you would like to see at the bottom of every piece of content you publish on other blogs.
  • Register on some bloggers networks and forums and build a relationship with the bloggers in your industry. Later you can either invite them to guest blog on your blog or ask them if they would like to give you an opportunity to write on their blog.
  • Make a list of at least 10 topics you would like to pitch. Make sure that the topics should be compelling and relevant to the blogs you are targeting.
  • Don’t even think about republishing your already published content on other’s blogs as well, however you can repurpose the content and publish it on other’s blog. Here is a very nice post by Neil Patel on repurposing the content.
  • In a similar manner if you are accepting guest posts, make sure that the post’s topic is well aligned with the niche of your blog and the content shared by the fellow blogger is well written and not spam. Don’t hesitate to pass it through the Copyscape to ensure that this content is not published anywhere else earlier.
  • Make sure that the blog on which you share your content has good traffic and active subscriber base. You can ensure it by checking their Alexa rank and the number of comments they get on a usual post.
  • Do ensure that have active social media handles and share every blog post on their social handles.

How to Extract Maximum Results Out of the Guest Blogging

Think of your piece of content as educational material, not an advertisement. Try to give your best while creating the content even for other’s blog, because it is going to showcase your knowledge of that subject.

I am also accepting the guest blog posts on TheSkinnyBoy but we also accept the only quality informative material, if we find that it is just written for SEO benefit or is kind of promotional material, we straightforward reject it. In a similar manner, I myself provide only informative content to other fellow blogs.

So, the bottom line is that there is a huge difference between selling yourself and offering a solution to some problem, and you need to understand that.

Besides, the obvious cause of generating and sharing a great piece of content here are some more tips to get most out of the content you share,

  • Write compelling taglines. It will attract more traffic to the blog post.
  • Your author bio should be impressive and concise. It should leave an impression in the mind of the reader. And make sure that you accompany your author bio with a professional thumbnail because it will help readers and leave an impression because people easily tend to forget names but they are easily able to recognize faces even after years.
  • Link back the article to one of your relevant post on your own blog. It will make people click that link and get redirected to your own blog. And if it is related content, readers will appreciate your research and knowledge on that subject.
  • Promote that content on your social handles and don’t forget to thank your fellow blogger to give you an opportunity to contribute on his blog. It will not only strengthen your relationship with fellow blogger but also generate additional traffic.
  • Finally, leave a compelling call to action in conclusion of the blog post. It is always good to encourage people to leave their feedback and suggestions in the comments.

How to find guest blogging sites

So, there are many ways you can find guest blogging opportunities. When scouting for guest opportunities, make sure the blogs you find fit the following criteria,

  • The bog is related to your niche directly or indirectly.
  • The audiences of that blog will be interested in your topic.
  • The blog has real traffic (Which you can check on Alexa) and high PA and DA.
  • The audience of the blog like to interact. You can check that by checking the number of comments on their old blog posts.
  • The blog owner is active on social media and shares most of his posts on his social handles.

So, if you are selling furniture, you should try to find blogs related to home improvement, interior designing, furniture designs etc.

Google Search:

You can easily find tons of blogging opportunities by simply searching some terms on Google. You just need to play little smart and extract the true power of Google.

Here are few terms you can search on the Google to find guest blogging and content syndication opportunities,

“Add Articles”                                         “Add Content”
“Submit Article”                                      “Submit Post”
“Add Guest Post”                                    “Bloggers Wanted”
“Guest Bloggers Wanted”                        “Guest Post”
“Guest Posts Roundup”                           “Guest Blogging Spot”
“Write for Us”                                         “Submit a Guest Post”
“Submit Guest Post”                                “Become a Guest Blogger”
“Submit a Guest Article”                           “Guest Post Guidelines”
“Guest Bloggers Wanted”                          “Submit an Article”
“Group Writing Project”                             “Want to Write for”
“Blogs that Accept Guest Posts”                 “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging”
“Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers”           “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts”
“Become a Contributor”                             “Contribute”
“Submit Design News”                               “Submit News”
“Community News”                                   “Submit Tutorial”
“Submit Blog Post”                                   “Suggest a Post”
“Suggest a Guest Post”                             “Become an Author”
“Contribute to our Site”                             “Become a Contributor”
“Become a Guest Writer”                            “Places I Guest Posted”
“My Guest Posts”                                      “Publish Your News”
“Submission Guidelines”                              “Guest post by”
“This guest post was written”                     “Guest Contributor”
“This guest post is from”                            “This is a guest article”
“Now Accepting Guest Posts”                      inurl:guest-posts
“The following guest post”                          inurl:write-for-us
inurl:guest-post-guidelines                        inurl:profiles/blog/new

Now you can check domain authority of the results coming in the Google search and shortlist the blogs you want to target. Here is a small trick to make it easier to find domain authority of these sites.

Install MOZ Chrome extension. So, when you will do Google searches after installing this extension, you will be able to see site’s domain authority in search result itself. It will finally save you lots of time.

Moz Chrome Extension min - 200+ Guest Blogging Sites List in India That Accept Guest Post

Competition Backlink

You can check backlinks of your competitors and easily find where they are writing and approach the same blogs for guest posts. There are very high chances that if they have accepted a guest post from your competitor, they will accept it from you as well.

Guest Blogging Sites List

You can also go through the massive List of guest blogging sites I have compiled here.

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Actually there are thousands of guest blogging sites and it is really difficult to list all the websites where you can do guest blogging; still, I will try to keep expanding the list. Please let me know if you want me to add your website to this list. Do leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments.