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Do you want to grow website with zero investment..?, then you need to understand the tactics that can help you get more revenue and sales.

We know, it’s not very easy with zero capital but everything is possible if you want

A couple of years ago, I started my new campaign with zero investment. Even I had no connection, no brand, and only a little bit knowledge about online marketing. But with my hard work, I have proved….

Firstly, one thing come in every entrepreneur’s mind- Why is getting traffic so dang hard? Right…

The problem is only one when you devote your time on the wrong metrics and reading useless information.

You should choose the right system that can help you increase website traffic skyrocket in the best manner.

If you follow my tactics that will be mention below then definitely you can grow your website and get more revenue.

So you just need to perceive what doesn’t work [You can save your precious time] and where you deliver your energy….

That’s it…..

The tactics are comprised in five steps

Step #1: Optimize your website content

This is the cornerstone of the website. If you truly want to increase website traffic, you need to make sure your website content is well optimized. Otherwise the traffic will be unstable and only shot dated.


Step #2: Using social media

Once your website is ready for more traffic, you must start driving traffic. You’ll learn unique social media strategies, we’ll outline.


Step #3: Build expertise and show other people that who are you

Expertise comes from your work. If you give a good account of their audience, what they want? Then you can build a bright image in front of them. This section teaches you how to promote your qualities.


Step #4: Get out of your office and attend events

Go Out of reach is the best option. This can help you provide the best platform where people are offline. You can conduct with them via interviews or official events.


Step #5: Build a community

The community is the power to boost brand in online presence. Simply put, if you build strategies then you need new ideas, and when you work on that ideas then you need the community.  We’ll outline afterwards


Now let’s jump into details and get started with system!!!!


1. Optimize your website content

In this section we’ll cover some further points like….

  •       Know Your Current Traffic Statistics
  •       Create a Better Content Marketing Strategy

Know your current traffic statistics

If you want to grow your website traffic, firstly you need to know the current stats of the website. This is your baseline. You can also see your efforts are working or not and how much current statistics effect on your website traffic.

How to start…?

Very simple, First of all you have to Google Analytics tracking code set up. If you don’t have setup yet, do it now.

This account is open with free sign up, its means you don’t need to pay any piles for this.

Then you can check the campaign report on Google Analytics and also analyze the process that will be mention inside.

Here’s a Google analytics screenshot of the site, you can see.

pasted image 0 - How to grow your website with no money, no brand, and no connections

If you don’t want to use Google analytic, there are further options for you.

1 SE Ranking

2 Piwik

3 Kissmetrics

4 Woopra

5 Chartbeat

6 Gauges

These all tools can help to optimize the analytics report with different functionality.

Most Important Google Analytics Metrics to Track. Theses all metrics can help you show the right path.

  •       New or unique visitor conversion
  •       Source for incoming traffic
  •       Interactions per visit(Page/ sessions)
  •       Return visitor conversion
  •       Bounce rate
  •      Value per visit
  •       Lead generation cost (cost per conversion)

Create a Better Content Marketing Strategy.

When you design a website and add new stuff without a solid content marketing strategy then surely you will increase your efforts.

Content marketing is the beautiful ingredients of the internet marketing. This can also help you provide the best optimization consequence in search engine.

Here’s report, you can better understand the importance of the content marketing strategy.

  • 60% of businesses with documented content.
  • 32% of business with a verbal (Not documented).
  • 7% of business without a content marketing strategy and going well with success.

pasted image - How to grow your website with no money, no brand, and no connections

How to design a better content marketing strategy.?

You don’t need a solid content marketing strategy. But your content marketing strategy should be documented.

Let’s talk about the types of content that you can use to boom your website traffic.

  • Blogs
  • Ebooks
  • Images
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Infographic

All good marketing strategy depends upon huge materials, so from here you can choose best for you.

2- Using social media

In term of how to get more traffic then Social media is the best option for you If you don’t have piles. Without advertisement on social like facebook ad, you can promote your brand, products, and goods by post your ideas in public areas.

You just need to make sure your content the right path so that you get the high visibility and awareness for your products or goods.


There are many popular social sites for you

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn


3 Build expertise and show other people that who are you.

If you have an expertise, all kind of doors open for you.

It allows you to write for blogs, speak out front of people, and also convey your message to the other people.

But getting the expert recognition is not that easy nowadays.

Because the competition is more.

Here’s Neil Patel is a perfect example. As a successful internet marketer and conversion expert, best known as the founder of Crazy Egg, Quick Sprout, and KISSMetrics.

Do something unique and special, and you can also set your profile as an expert.


4- Get out of your office and attend events

First of all design your events list, when you want to go.

In a simple manner, when you are online then you can’t convert your whole day into a relationship using twitter and facebook, even you can take some time. If you will out of the door then you create a long and solid relationship with high profile.

So in this case, we can say, you should also make your profile visible as offline.


5- Build a community

A community is the powerful tactics, so design your campaign with the community.

We know, it requires a large connection but you should have the ability to create.

Before design, the following question should keep in your mind.

  • How to start-up with new community?
  • Which of my partners can expose me to new customers..?

So make a new strategy, build a community, and promote your brand worldwide.

Before starting a new campaign, choose a reliable hosting plan and make your website professional.


Final words:

Start from zero is never easy.

There’s no money, no connection, even nobody knows who you are.

So that’s means everything depends on you, how to analyze all the process.

Make your profile visible and strong and become a brand, because people like brand.

Simply put,” Business depends on sale, and sale depends on customers”.

This is the major factor to make your business successfully.