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How to Create and Maintain a Social Media Branding Strategy

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To get a fruitful outcome, you must have a strategy to use to accomplish a goal. It is not any different when it comes to social media branding. Note that social media is one of the most effective marketing tools.

Social media could be of great benefit to your organization and save you from the hassle of using traditional methods of creating brand awareness. In addition to that, it will also improve your SEO by getting organic inbound links and your business will get higher conversion rates than any other form of branding. Your sharedcount could do so much with your brand; it will make you stand out from the crowd.

Social Media Branding Strategy

Also, social media platforms give you the opportunity to interact with your audience and get feedback on how they find your products and services. It is through this that you will be able to fill gaps and spot opportunities hence better customer satisfaction.

To be able to enjoy such benefits, you need to come up with effective strategies that will enable you to take your business to the next level.

How to create a social media branding strategy

Here is your step by step guide to create a successful and effective social media branding strategy.

1. Set goals

The first step towards creating social media branding strategy is setting a goal. Without setting goals, you will not be able to gauge your progress and performance in achieving effective branding. The goals have to be relevant, time-bound, attainable, specific and measurable.

Your goals should not just be sky-scraping standards; they should be able to give you tangible results.

2. Know your audience

You should familiarize with your audience so that you may have a clue on what engages them most. Do some research on your customers: know the age bracket they fall under, their location, education and purchasing power.

You should also take note of their trend. It will help you in designing content that they will be interested in engaging with and you will even know the prime time to engage them. With such information, you are more likely to have a fruitful social media branding.

3. Study your competition

The industry you have ventured in is probably flooded. Your competitors also have got word that social media branding would be excellent for their businesses. Why not borrow a few notes from them.

All you need to do is conduct a competitive analysis to keep track of who your competition is and what they are doing. You will get a glimpse of the industry expectations. Also, in the process, you will be able to identify gaps, which you can use to create opportunities for your business.

4. Conduct an audit

You need to measure the different metrics to determine what is working in your favour and what is not. Find out the type of social media platforms that your audience is most conversant with.

An audit will help you stay ahead of the competition by learning how best to work with the different platforms. The information you get will help you make sound improvements on your social media accounts.

5. Set up social media accounts

Since you have gathered enough information on the type of audience you will be engaging; it is time for you to set up accounts on the most suitable platforms. Regardless of whether you will be using multiple accounts, you need also to set specific goals for the different accounts. It will help you know whether that account is worth your while. There is no point in spreading yourself too short.

Optimize your account and improve on already existing ones. Your profile should be parallel to your strategic goals. You could also make use of relevant keywords to create a good user experience in search of your business.

6. Create a calendar

Why do you need a social media content calendar? It will help you have a plan for your social media activities; it will help you identify the time that your posts will have a significant impact on your audience. A calendar will also help you with being consistent, which is a requirement for successful social media marketing.

Thanks to technology, you also have scheduling tools that will help you pre-plan on the posts that you need to be uploaded. Remember that social media branding can be time-consuming, you need all the help you need to ease the burden and still get your work done.

7. Examine, gauge and adjust your strategy

It is the part where you make use of analytics tools. Note that you cannot always get it right at the first shot. You are allowed to make adjustments if something is not working out. You can make comparisons of your initial goals and your current strategy and assess whether they are compatible. If they are not, you should consider creating new plans.


To conclude I will say that Social media is an excellent medium to engage with your existing customers and improve your brand awareness to acquire the new customers. So, build a strong social media strategy and be consistent in following that. Let me know your feedback and suggestion in this regard.


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