Search Engine Submission

Are you looking for best search engine submission sites to submit your newly built websites? So, here I have compiled the list of best search engines you should submit your websites to and also some websites which can help you do that easily.

Do you remember which was the first website you started using when you were young? For most of the people, the answer will be Google, Yahoo or Bing. Yes, that is what search engine is.

Search engine is the gateway to the internet for most of us and we find most of the information on the web through search engines only.

What is Search Engine?

Search engine is a program which crawls trillions of web pages on the internet, crawls them and register them in its database. During the process of crawling, the program figures out that what exactly a particular page is all about and then it gives the page a rating basis quality of the content and usability.

So, when the user searches a term on the search engine, it tries to show the list of the relevant pages together with a small snippet of the content of that page. So, that is how a search engine works.

Importance of Search Engine

As per Google Inside Search estimates, there are more than 60 trillion web pages on the internet. Just imagine, if you are trying to search a research paper related to a subject on the internet, how will it be possible for you to find that paper out of such a mind-boggling number of web pages?

So here search engine comes into the picture to save our lives. You just need to enter the relevant term in it and it will show you the most relevant source of that information on the internet. And that is because it has already crawled the whole internet (hypothetically) and know what information is there on which web page.

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The dominance of Google in search engine segment

Google is considered to be the god of the search engine market and police of internet. It unanimously is the king of all websites on the internet and there is no other website in the world which comes close to it in terms of market share.

More than 78% of the internet searches are done on Google. Here you can check that in below picture.

Search Engine Market Share of Google

What is Search Engine Submission?

Search engines have a program called “bots” or “crawlers”, these crawlers keep crawling the web and keep indexing new web pages and sites. These crawlers not only index new web pages but also keep re-crawl the already indexed pages to find out if there are any changes done on the old pages.

As there are trillions of web pages on the internet, these crawlers might take some time to detect your website and index that. Moreover, there are many search engines which don’t even crawl the whole web but only crawl websites which are submitted to them.

How to submit your website to search engines

So, if you want your web pages to be indexed by all major search engines faster, you should consider submitting them to search engines. It is a simple process of going to their website and submit URL of your homepage.

So, if you don’t want to submit your websites individually to each search engine and do the submission to all of them in one shot, there is a solution. There are search engine submission websites, which do this job in bulk for you. Some of them are paid and some are free. The paid versions provide the option of more search engines and free versions provide fewer options. But as per my opinion, even free websites are good enough. Typically you should not go for submitting your websites to all search engines, because some of them are really low-quality ones, you would hardly get any traffic from those search engines.

So, here is the list of best search engines on which you must submit your websites without fail.

Best Search Engine Submission Sites List

If you are still interested in submitting your website to more search engines, here is the secondary list of such sites,

Secondary List of Search Engine Submission Sites

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So, here you have carefully compiled list of search engine submission sites. Now it is up to you whether you want quality or quantity.