Are you looking for the list of free article submission sites because you have generated some content and want to use that to improve your SEO? So, let me tell you that you are not alone, every day tons of content is generated in the form of articles and published, either on their own digital property or someone else’s property in the form of guest blogging or article submission.

But the point is that how many of them are adding value? Are they just generating some content to boot their SEO or they really are contributing by publishing their knowledge? So, it is all about intent and that why most of the SEO guys fail.

Google is very particular about it and is smart enough to detect whether you are just spanning or generating quality content with the right intentions. If you just writing a spammy piece of information and submitting it to article submission site, it might really not help you, rather it might harm you. Here Matt Cutt gives a hint about it.

According to Matt Cutt, he will not recommend you to use article directories to submit your articles because most of the content on these directories is spammy.

So how exactly you can benefit from article submission? Is it completely dead and comes under black hat SEO technique?

So, I will answer, “Not Exactly”. If it is done properly it will not only provide you SEO benefits but also tons of traffic.

So,  before you jump into the article writing and submitting it to various directories, here are some questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. Are you an expert in the niche you are writing about and will my article help somebody?
  2. Is your article is well researched and are you covering the various questions which people might have after reading this article?
  3. What is my intention in publishing this article in various article submission directories? Do you want to market it and make it reach to the maximum number of people seeking for this information or you just want to improve your SEO?
  4. Do you have an authority in that niche or do you want to build an authority because you have vast knowledge and experience in that nice?

What exactly is article submission

Before you start, let’s understand what is article submission and how is it different from guest blogging.

SO, here is the answer. The article submission is a process in which you write an article about any subject and then submit it to article directories to improve your article reach, visibility of the campaign and SEO as well.

As these directories are quite old websites and highly optimized for SEO, sometimes you can get a good amount of traffic from them and improve your authority as a subject matter expert as well.

But let me remind you again that it will give SEO benefits only if it is done with the right intention and right way.

Right Way of doing Article Submission

So, here are some guidelines to follow when you are doing article submission.

1. Original Content

Your content should be of very high quality, it should not be spun or copied from any other place on the internet.

So, if you have outsourced your article writing task to a freelancer, don’t forget to go through it in detail to check the quality and ensure that it is not spun or copied from some other source.

Before Google catches you, take all necessary precautions. There is a tool Copyscape, which can help you check if the article is copied from somewhere else or not.

2. Quality content

The article should be well researched, well formatted and well written and it should provide detailed information to the reader about the subject.

There should not be any spelling or grammatical mistakes. It not only irritates reader but also gives an impression to the Google that your content if not of high quality

Ensure readability of your article. Use heading, lists, and tables properly. Don’t make it a 2000 words dump of some jargon written in a single paragraph.

Use sightings, images, infographics, charts, and videos generously. You must have heard that “A single image is worth a thousand words”, and it is absolutely true.

Give references to some related content on some high authority websites. It makes your article more authentic in the eyes of the reader as well as Google.

Don’t forget to give due credit to the origin of image, video, and quotes you are using in your article. If you don’t do that, it is considered as theft.

Ensure that your article if min 1000 words. It will help you rank your content better in Google search results. There is a direct relationship between the length of the article and its position in Google search and the minimum recommended length for an article is 1000 words. And here Brian Dean of Backlinco explains it very clearly and precisely.

“Based on SERP data from SEMRush, we found that longer content tends to rank higher in Google’s search results. The average Google first page result contains 1,890 words.”

And here is a chart to show the correlation between content length and Google search ranking.

article length vs serp

3. Link to your other content pages

As article submission is quite a risky game, I will suggest you to backlink to your content pages rather than linking to the homepage or main category page. This way you can minimize the impact if something goes wrong.

4. Don’t submit the same article to multiple article submission sites

If you submit the same article to multiple directories, the first sighting will be considered original and remaining sightings will be considered as duplicate. And you know that Google does not like duplicity.

So, rather than taking any shortcut by submitting the same article to multiple article submission sites or spinning that article, write an original piece of content everytime you submit it to any directory.

5. Make detailed user profile before submission

Don’t use tools to submit your article to multiple directories, it might sound lucrative and there are tools to do that but I will recommend not to do that. One problem with auto submission of an article is that every site might have different formatting and you might need to reformat your article accordingly. The second problem is that you might not have login and password of the submission site and you will not be able to modify your article later if need be.

So, create an authentic looking detailed profile on every article submission site you are targetting. Fill in all the required details and do some activity on those sites regularly, for example following users, liking others articles and commenting on others articles. It will make your profile on that site more authentic and chances of later removing your article will be minimalized.

5. Don’t worry about “Do Follow” or “No Follow”

When it comes to do-follow or no-follow links, I will say that it does not really matter. The point is if the links are naturally built, there will be a healthy mix of do-follow and no-follow backlinks. And that’s what Google also looks for. If you really generating the quality content and publishing it with the right intention, you should not be worried about the type of link. Go ahead and choose only quality websites to publish your articles. It will not only improve your traffic but also strengthen your online authority.

Best Free Article Submission Sites

So, once you know what all things you need to care of before submitting an article to the article submission sites, I would like to present here the list of quality article submission sites with high PA, DA and low spam score.

Best Article Submission Sites


Secondary List of Free Article Submission Sites

If you are generating a lot of content and are already done with the above list of quality websites, here is another list of websites which you can consider. But if ask for my suggestion, I will prefer not to go for these sites.

Secondary List of Article Submission Sites


So, to conclude, I will say that clear your mind and focus on your real objective. The objective is to market your content so that you can get more traffic, more authority and the real customers/audiences. If you will fall for the quantity and cheap SEO tricks, the results will also be cheap.

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